Golomb 29-31, Givatayim

In the center of Givatayim and 5 minutes from Tel-Aviv, A unique, modern, elegant residential project was built in high, prestigious standards, with careful planning which includes spacious rooms and large balconies. Golomb St. is in one of the oldest and highest quality areas in Givatayim, a neighborhood which allows high quality of life in a quiet, green environment. The building has 6 stories and a penthouse and has many different apartment sizes. The tenants of the project enjoy blooming community life, some of the best education the country can offer and more within walking distance of green parks, shopping and rich culture centers fitting for Tel-Aviv, Givatayim and Ramat-Gan.

Execution: Shatban Inc.
Architect: Dani Mualem.
Project type: Combination.
Status: Committee decision and approval.

Apartment technical specifications:

Living quarters:
Interior doors include a magnetic lock mechanism in color of choice.
Electric rolling shutters in the living rooms and bedrooms except for protected space.
Double glazed windows except for protected space.
Telephone and TV points in all rooms.
Intercom with a color TV screen in a closed circuit.
A light switch replaces in the master unit.
Three phase electricity.
Granite porcelain 80/80 tiling in color of choice.
A garden faucet in the sun balcony.
Designed safety entering door.
Quality kitchen cabinets from a leading company.
Caesar stone surface in color of choice.
Flat kitchen sink.
Designed faucet with a removable rod.
Preparation for dishwasher.
Granite porcelain flooring and tiling in color of choice.
Hanging toilets and concealed washbasins.
Integral wardrobe with mirror and sink in the main bathroom.
Power point for a heater.

Building general specifications:

A luxurious and stylish entrance lobby with a waiting area for the welfare of the residents.
Regular underground parking for each apartment.
Luxurious elevator.
Secure entry via T.V.
An electric gate at the entrance to the parking lot.
Storage for each apartment.

Project's apartments
Apartment type Apartment size Additions Picture
4 rooms apartment 97 meters 14 meters balcony
4 rooms apartment 95 meters 19 meters balcony
5 rooms apartment 115 meters 12 meters balcony
4 rooms apartment 94 meters 10 meters balcony
4 rooms apartment 70 meters -
4 rooms apartment 94 meters 12 meters balcony
5 rooms apartment 125 meters 18 meters balcony
3.5 rooms garden apartment 94 meters 40 meters garden
5 rooms penthouse 175 meters 89 meters balcony
5 rooms penthouse 140 meters 82 meters balcony
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