Mordey Hagetaot 15, Givatayim

Borochov 36 is much more than a project. The building offers a holistic residential experience which allows to harmonically balance family life, career and quality leisure. Borochov 36 has the green and calming view of Kiryat Borochov neighborhood and offers a lifestyle suiting of those who can appreciate quality. The project is located at the heart of the old and prestigious Borochov neighborhood, proximity to business centers as well as leisure and commercial centers. The green neighborhood offers quick traffic to all the major culture and business places the area has to offer, all only several minutes away. This includes The Cameri Theatre, The Opera House, Tel-Aviv Museum, The Diamond Exchange District, Azrieli Towers, Givatayim malls, Ramat-Aviv and Ayalon mall. The high accessibility allows the highest quality of life available. The entire project is within a private, green compound, which includes huge apartments on one stairless level, with ceilings standing nearly 4 meters above the ground. Each apartment has a panoramic view and four airways. This project' tenants will enjoy the highest quality of life, a beautiful private pool in a quarter dunam plot, exclusive gym watching the water, private elevator for every 2 floors and a lobby with a doorman.

Execution: Shatban Inc.
Architect: Benny Mualem – Zalman Perry private design.
Deal type: Construction.
Status: Occupied in 2013.