Golomb 29-31, Givatayim

In the center of Givatayim and 5 minutes from Tel-Aviv, A unique, modern, elegant residential project was built in high, prestigious standards, with careful planning which includes spacious rooms and large balconies. Golomb St. is in one of the oldest and highest quality areas in Givatayim, a neighborhood which allows high quality of life in a quiet, green environment. The building has 6 stories and a penthouse and has many different apartment sizes. The tenants of the project enjoy blooming community life, some of the best education the country can offer and more within walking distance of green parks, shopping and rich culture centers fitting for Tel-Aviv, Givatayim and Ramat-Gan.

Execution: Shatban Inc.
Architect: Dani Mualem.
Project type: NOP 38 B (demolition and reconstruction).
Status: Building skeleton.

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