Terms and Conditions

1. General:

1.1. Shatban website (hereinafter: the “Website”) is owned by E.B.O. Real Estate Ltd. (hereinafter: the “Company”) and operated by them and/or by affiliated companies and/or partnerships.

1.2. The following terms and conditions apply to use of the website at shatban.co.il and/or social networks (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the like) and/or any other website set up and/or to be set up in the future by the company and/or anyone on their behalf, independently or with another party, which have no specific regulations. In order to remove any doubt, the term “website” refers to the website in all its parts and any kind and type of content on the website, including all information and content contained on the website, whether visible to users or not. Furthermore, the term “website” also refers to parts of the website which are accessed through other addresses and similar domain names.

1.3. The website serves as an informative website that offers its users a great deal of information about the services provided by the company. The website operates a search engine with the help of which browsers can, among other things, search for various and varied properties, and the website also offers information about the world of real estate and professionals in the field.

1.4. Please read the T&Cs thoroughly and carefully, as by beginning to use the website, you are consenting and agreeing to these T&Cs.

1.5. Use of the website indicates your consent to the T&Cs, in their wording and in full, and constitutes your consent to conduct yourself in accordance with these terms. Users are asked to read the T&Cs carefully. Use of the website is at the sole and complete responsibility of users.

1.6. To the extent that additional or specific T&Cs will apply to the website and/or others related to the website, these will apply in addition to the T&Cs specified in the regulations below.

1.7. In the event you do not fully agree to all of the terms set forth below, please discontinue any further use of the website immediately.

1.8. Access to the website and use thereof, including all contents included and the various services available on it, are subject to the terms specified below which regulate the relationship between the company and any browser, viewer, user of the website or the information contained therein and/or anyone receiving information and/or services published on the website, directly or indirectly.

1.9. The T&Cs apply to use of the website and the contents therein by means of any computer or other communication device (such as a cellular phone, smartphone, tablet etc.). Additionally, the T&Cs apply to use of the website whether through the internet or any other network or means of communication.

1.10. It is hereby clarified that use of the masculine form in the T&Cs and/or use of the second person, is done for convenience only and not intended to cause offence and/or create any discrimination.

1.11. Users are permitted to use the website for personal and non-commercial purposes only. It is prohibited to use the website and/or any part thereof for any purpose that is not for personal or non-commercial needs.

1.12. It is prohibited to copy and use or allow others to use website contents, including content from other websites, electronic publications, print publications, etc., for any purpose, whether commercial or non-commercial, that is not for personal and private use.

1.13. It is strictly forbidden to distort the material published on this website, to present it in a misleading way, to harm it, to change it or to perform any action that causes a reduction in its value and/or that may harm the honor or name of the copyright holder.

1.14. The website may not be linked to any website that contains pornographic and/or offensive and/or harmful content and/or content that encourages racism and/or discrimination and/or violence, or that is illegal, or whose publication is illegal or encourages illegal activity.

2. Website contents and the information presented in it:

2.1. The website as a whole, including all information contained therein and underlying software, are offered to users as is.

2.2. The company makes an effort to ensure that information contained on the website is accurate and up-to-date, but certain content may not be complete and/or technical and other errors may have occurred. The company will not be liable for damage, expenses and/or losses caused to users due to errors and/or inaccuracies in such information. The company is not responsible for inaccuracies, or mistakes made in relation to contents. The company hereby clarifies that contents contained on the website are for general and informational purposes only and do not constitute a recommendation and/or opinion in relation to properties and/or professionals published on the website, and therefore users are aware and agree that any reliance on statements, positions, advice or any other content displayed on the website is at the discretion of users and at their sole risk; users must carry out all assessments and inspections regarding the property and/or information appearing on the website, and they waive their right and will be prevented from raising any claim regarding reliance on any of these.

2.3. The company clarifies that information displayed on the website does not constitute a recommendation, opinion, advice and/or offer to purchase a product and/or unit in any project and/or building or to provide a service, and any reliance on the information displayed on the website is the sole responsibility of users and the company will not be liable as a result of users’ reliance on the information and/or the degree to which the information is adapted to the user’s use and/or needs. The company has no responsibility for certain content originating from third parties and the company does not guarantee the accuracy of this content.

2.4. Insofar as prices of units, assets or services are displayed on the website, prices displayed on the website are minimum prices for the same type of unit, property or service and do not necessarily include any additional, supplementary or complementary service that may be associated with them. The company reserves the right to update or correct prices.

2.5. Insofar as the website displays plans for residential projects, units in projects, specifications, photos of the units and projects and/or simulations of them and any other information and/or detail on the website – these are displayed on the website for illustration purposes only; they are not necessarily identical to binding plans and users cannot rely on them. The company will have no responsibility for any content and/or information presented on the website which originates from third parties, such as the professional and/or owner of the property and/or owner of the right to sell the property and/or owner of the right to rent the property (as applicable), including property data, existing additions and various information provided by them and everything is subject to the signing of a binding legal agreement. This also applies to professionals listed on the website; the company bears no responsibility regarding information related to them and/or their appearance on the website does not constitute advice and/or a recommendation and your selection of any of them is solely your responsibility.

2.6. Any use of content on the website, including content provided by the company (including articles, videos, answers to questions, tips and/or photos and information about assets) and/or third-party content, including user referrals to third-party websites on the website and/or advertisements on the website, will be made at the sole responsibility of users. Users will not have any claim and/or demand against the company in connection with content on the website, including content provided by the company and/or third party content, for any direct or indirect damage, resulting from such use and/or entry and/or due to reliance on the content of a third party and/or due to an invasion of privacy following such use.

2.7. The company strives to ensure that information presented on the website is as accurate as possible. However, it is possible there may be faults, inaccuracies and errors on the website and/or in the content and information therein, including regarding any property and/or service and/or information regarding real estate studies, among other things due to acts and/or omissions of the company and/or anyone on their behalf and/or by third parties. Users hereby release the company from any liability due to the information and/or content provided by them on the website and/or errors, including due to any damage, direct or indirect, caused to the user due to any such content and/or information and/or user reliance on it, including regarding properties, descriptions, prices and the like.

3. Restrictions and liability:

3.1. Use of the website and the information and content therein may be used as is and users will have no claim, suit or demand against the company, its managers, employees, shareholders, controlling shareholders, affiliates and anyone on behalf of any of these in respect of the features for use, the limitations or effects that publication on the website and through it will cause, and these will not bear any responsibility for adapting the services offered on the website to the needs and/or purposes of each user.

3.2. The company (its directors, employees, shareholders, controlling shareholders, companies associated with it and anyone on its behalf), will not bear any responsibility of any kind and type in relation to the information and content contained on the website and any other means where they appear, their content, reliability, accuracy, dependability and impact including on the computers of those browsing the website as well as any damage, inconvenience, loss, mental anguish etc. directly or indirectly caused to users, their property or any third party due to use of the information and contents.

3.3. Users hereby declare that they are solely responsible for any use which will be made of the website and its contents.

4. Privacy policy and/or provision of personal details:

4.1. You may find services that require registration and/or a request to provide personal information on the website. When registering and/or making contact you will be asked to provide personal details such as: first name, surname, ID number, telephone number, and an active e-mail address in your possession. Only correct, accurate and complete details must be provided, and users hereby confirm the correctness of the details provided.

4.2. Sharing details constitutes consent on behalf of users to storage of their information in the database and to receipt of direct mailing and/or newsletters and/or advertisements to their cellular phones and to user email addresses.

4.3. Users who are interested in removing their personal details from the company’s database or restricting their use should contact the webmaster in writing at office@shatban.co.il

4.4. The company respects the privacy of website users and the privacy of personal information uploaded to the website.

4.5. Use of the information collected is made only in accordance with the company’s privacy policy and in accordance with the provisions of any law, and the following requirements:
4.5.1. Operating the various services on the website;
4.5.2. Improving and enriching services and content offered on the website;
4.5.3. Modifying or canceling, expanding or reducing existing services and content;
4.5.4. Publishing information and content;
4.5.5. Tailoring notices, contents and advertisements displayed to user interests;
4.5.6. Receipt and/or sending of e-mails and/or SMS and/or WhatsApp messages and contacting users in accordance with the provisions of the regulations and any law;
4.5.7. Information not provided by users personally in order to use website services and which will be used by the company will mainly be statistical information, which is does not contain personal identifiers;
4.5.8. It is clarified that the privacy policy may change from time to time.

4.6. As part of its ongoing activities for maintenance and updating of the website, and as required by the nature of the services offered within the website, the company may transfer information from its database to various advertisers, including identifying information (such as name, phone number or email address).

4.7. It is further clarified that the company will not bear any responsibility, direct or indirect, in cases of disclosure and use of the information provided by the user resulting, directly or indirectly, from unauthorized and/or illegal intrusions of third parties or as a result of acts and/or omissions beyond its control.

5. Cookies:

5.1. The website uses “cookies” for the purpose of regular and proper operation, including to collect statistics about use of the website, for the purpose of information security, verification of details, adapting the website to personal preferences, interests and information in which the user is interested and/or wishes to obtain.

5.2. Information collected through cookies is used by the company for internal purposes only, in order to improve and update the website in order to adapt it to user needs, and is subject to the restrictions the company has taken upon itself by adopting the privacy policy and in accordance with any law.

5.3. In addition to the abovesaid, advertisements that appear on the website, if they appear, in accordance with the advertising companies’ agreement with the company, also have cookies that allow them to collect information about the website and the advertisements viewed by the user. Their placement on the user’s personal computer is in accordance with the procedures of the specific advertising company and not in accordance with the company’s privacy policy.

5.4. It is clarified that modern browsers include the option to avoid accepting cookies by changing the setting properties on the user’s computer. If you do not know how to do this, check the help file of the browser you are using.

6. Copyrights and intellectual property:

6.1. All copyrights and intellectual property on the website, the services offered on it and any content contained therein, and in particular the property details and property photos and/or floor plans and/or any other details, belong to the company or a third party authorized by the company to use them, including website design, name, its contents and any other material contained therein. No part of the above may be copied, distributed, modified, publicly displayed and/or given to a third party without the company’s consent, in writing and in advance.

6.2. It is prohibited to copy, distribute, publicly display, transmit to the public, modify, process, create derivative works, sell or rent any part of the abovementioned, whether by you or through or in collaboration with a third party, by any manner or means whether electronic, mechanical, optical, photographic or recording means, or by any other manner and means, without obtaining written consent in advance from the company, or the other rights holders, as the case may be and subject to the terms of the agreement (to the extent that it is granted). This provision is also valid in relation to any processing, editing or translation made by the company to the contents entered into the website.

6.3. In addition to the abovesaid, insofar as a range of contents is published in accordance with agreements signed by the company with third parties, tariffs, floor plans etc., the copyrights in these contents belong to said third parties and no part of them is to be copied, distributed, changed, displayed publicly and/or delivered without obtaining prior written consent from the rights holders.

6.4. The company shall bear no responsibility for any damage of any kind and/or type regarding copyrights, intellectual or other property infringed as a result of an unauthorized publication of contents that constitutes said rights.

7. Availability of and/or changing the website and/or the information therein:

7.1. The company may, at any time, make changes to the website, remove any part of it or make additions by updating the website, cease and restart website activities, refuse to provide access to the website or any part therein to any user and all at the sole discretion of the company and/or anyone on their behalf without prior notification, and users will have no claim against the company and/or anyone on their behalf with regards to this matter.

7.2. In addition, the company may change the structure of the website, its appearance and design from time to time, the scope and availability of services on the website and may charge for any contents or services at their sole discretion and may change any other aspect related to the website – all with no requirement to make prior notification.

8. Electronic direct mail services:

8.1. From time to time, the company reserves the right to send you by e-mail and/or via SMS / WhatsApp messages information regarding the website’s fields of activity, services, as well as information with marketing and advertising content.

8.2. At any time, consent can be revoked and users will be able to cease receiving said information by giving notice to the company and/or by clicking on the “Remove from mailing list” button attached to each message, and delivery of the information will be stopped shortly after receipt.

8.3. Users will not have any claim regarding information published on the website which is not sent to them through the above service.

9. Miscellaneous:

9.1. In the event any of the T&Cs are found to be illegal, void or unenforceable for any reason, said term or condition will be deleted from the T&Cs and its deletion will not affect the legality and validity of the remaining T&Cs.

9.2. The T&Cs constitute the entire agreement between you and the Company regarding the manner of using the website and supersede any other understanding and/or agreement, oral or written, relating to use of the website and its content.

9.3. All activities on the website and everything related to it, including the T&Cs, will be subject to Israeli law only and the exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute concerning the website and its use and the T&Cs will be subject to the authorized courts in the Tel Aviv District, Israel.

9.4. The company reserves the right to make changes to the T&Cs at any time, at their discretion, and without prior notice and any change in the T&Cs will take effect immediately upon their publication on the website, within the T&Cs, unless otherwise stated. It is the responsibility of users to check for updates to the T&Cs from time to time.

9.5. Any questions or issues related to the website or T&Cs as well as any suggestions for improvement or recommendations should be directed to: office@shatban.co.il.

9.6. Use of the website constitutes a statement and confirmation on behalf of users that they have read these terms, understood the contents and agreed to the instructions. Users waive in advance any right to make any claim and/or demand against the company or anyone on its behalf in relation to the issues stipulated in these regulations and/or use of the website and/or all information and/or data appearing in it.

Last updated: 3.5.2022.